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    Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge to launch on Feb 21, This is what you need to know.


    Device rumored to have water-resistant and wireless charging features.

    The countdown for Samsung Galaxy 7 has begun. No doubt, about it that Whenever Apple and Samsung’s flagship mobile phone launch date comes closer there would also be increase burst of reports and news about them. Next week Samsung will launch Samsung flagship Galaxy S 7. Even before the launch, a website had leaked Samsung Galaxy S 7 few photos and video.

    s7 edge

    According to the website the device reportedly feature IP67 or IP 68 water-resistant design and Samsung had also confirmed this.

    The device would have 3000 mAh battery, then previous Galaxy S5 that has 2550 mAh battery. Comes with Android 6.0 and Marshmallow-powered galaxy device. Device camera is 12 megapixel, now packed with f/1.7 aperture, that performs better in low light.

    According to the Wall Street Journal for charging and data transfer, the USB should be upgraded, which is not. According to news sources, Galaxy S7 had a screen of 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches of S7 edge. The phone is set to launch on 21 February.

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    Saudi Arabia Cool Interesting Facts & Figures From kingdom Tower Riyadh To Richest Man In The Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia Cool Interesting Facts Figures

    A Very Must Know Saudi Arabia facts, figures You want to know

    we are not taking a closer look at specifically demographic economic and cultural facts and figures of Saudi Arabia that drive their economy of oil-rich kingdom. But, these are cool facts you might want to know.

    Check them out below:

    Saudi Arabia, A Country With No Rivers

    Being known as desert country Saudi Arabia is had no permanent lake, rivers or none any large bodies of water. This is damn interesting fact

    Country With No Rivers Saudi Arabia,

    The kingdom tower Of Riyadh 2017

    The Saudi Mile-High-Tower: The Kingdom Tower is also known as Jiddah Tower or Jeddah Tower. The kingdom tower in Riyadh 2017Saudi Arabia is erecting the world’s tallest building in Riyadh, which would be 1 kilometer tall, the Kingdom Tower construction cost expected to $1.23 billion.It has 59 elevator and 12 escalators and contains almost 80,000 tons of steel. After completion, the Kingdom Tower would be the home of world’s highest observatory.  The building is expected to completed in 2018. 

     Saudi Arabia jobs for foreigners

    s of April 2013, there are estimated to be 9 million foreigner workers in Saudi Arabia. Figures estimated that in Saudi Arabia 60% of the labor force jobs in Saudi Arabia are foreigners. The government has faced criticism from legal source for treatment of these works. But, Saudi Arabia is taking steps on implementing new labor law. 

    “Saudi nationals continue to work largely in the public sector with little incentive to join the private sector or to improve productivity,” writes HSBC’s Razan Nasser.

    Saudi Arabia military strength & Power

    Saudi Arabia’s annual military expenditure is 10.4% of its GDP, or $80 billion comparing to the United States which spend around 3.5%. With no shortage of money, the facts is no doubt Saudi Arabia military is one of the best-fundedSaudi Arabia military strength & Power 2017 militaries in the Middle East. The Saudi Armed.Forces strength consists about 440,000 active personnel, with strength figure of 225,000 army troops. The Saudi Arabia has more than 100,000 people in the national guard. The Saudi Armed Forces are headed by the king and with the title of Commander in-Chief. Currently, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is heading the institution.

    Service branches Flag of the Royal Saudi Land Forces.png Arabian Army
    Naval Jack of Saudi Arabia.svg Royal Navy
    Flag of the Royal Saudi Air Force.png Royal Air Forces
    Flag of the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces.svg Royal Air Defense
    Flag of the Royal Saudi Strategic Missile Force.png Royal Strategic Forces
    Chief of Joint Staff
    Gen. Abdul Rahman Al Banyan
    Supreme Commander
    King Salman
    Minister of Defense
    Crown Prince Mohammad Al Saud
    Minister of Guard
    Gen. Prince Mutaib Al Saud
    Reserve personnel 325,000 incl: SANG
    Deployed personnel
    Active personnel 478,000 incl: MODA
    rabia No equivalent FARIQ AWWAL FARIQ LIWA AMID AQID
    Fariq Awwal
    (فريق أول‎‎)
    Mulazim Awwal
    (ملازم أول)

    Military budget: 63,7 billion $
    Percent of GDP: 10%
    Population: 30 770 375
    Area: 2 149 690 km2
    Nuclear weapons: 0 warheads
    Active personnel: 230 000
    Reserve personnel: 0
    Available for military: 8 240 714
    Total artillery: 757
    Self-propelled artillery: 363
    Rocket artillery: 122
    Tanks: ×See current equipment
    Armoured fighting vehicles:
    Multirole aircraf: 72
    Attack aircraft: 150
    Helicopters: 324
    Total aircraft: 862
    Fighter aircraft: 86
    Frigates: 7
    Corvettes: 4
    Submarines: 0
    Total naval: 27
    Aircraftcarriers: 0
    Destroyers: 0

    Alwaleed Bin Talal: The Richest Man in Saudi Arabia

    Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal also know as Middle East Warren Buffet is a Saudi investor, business magnate and richest man in Saudi Arabia with the estimated wealth of $26.1 billion.

    He is the member of the Saudi royal family. Richest Man in Saudi Arabia 2017Alwaleed is a 95-percent owner of Kingdom holding company and he is also the founder and chief executive officer. In 2008, Time magazine listed Alwaleed as top 100 influential person in the world. In 2015, he announced that to give all his wealth to unknown charity.


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    Gangs Of New York Star Leonardo Dicaprio To Play Leonardo Da Vinci Paramount Wins Film Rights Battle

    Leonardo Da Vinci Biopic Movie

    We can’t think of any better actor than Leonardo Dicaprio for a new movie based on Leonardo Da Vinci. The Paramount Pictures had a battle with Universal Studios for film rights which they won with seven-figure bidding and also get the book rights on Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson, thus beating Universal Studios for film rights

    The movie was set to play famous Italian painter Leonardo Da Vinci, who painted famous painting such as The Last Supper and Mona Lisa and besides these famous paintings he also greatly contributed to science, a polymath with his sketches of human body and engineering. Leonardo Dicaprio will also produce this film under his Appian Way banner. The film was written by Walter Isaacson who also wrote Steve jobs which starred Micheal Fassbender.

    Leonardo Dicaprio mother who was pregnant with him was staring at a painting by Leonardo Davinci when he first kicked. That’s why her mother named him after Da Vinci.  Given an interview to  NPR a few years ago, The Revenant star said that his parents were in Florence when they picked his name.

    Leonardo Dicaprio & Martin Scorsese Killers Of The Flower Moon

    Leonardo DiCaprio Name Origin

    “My father tells me that [he and my mother] were on their honeymoon at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, I believe. They were looking at a da Vinci painting, and allegedly I started kicking furiously while my mother was pregnant,” DiCaprio said. “And my father took that as a sign, and I suppose DiCaprio wasn’t that far from da Vinci. And so, my dad, being the artist that he is, said, ‘That’s our boy’s name.'”

    Leonardo Dicaprio won Oscar for The Revenant, in the best actor category which he plays as a survivalist.

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    Not Dating Brooklyn Beckham Madison Beer 18 Years Old Flaunts Toned Abs As arrived at Five Guy

    madison beer hd photos images 2017

    August 2017, Hot Topic

    Madison Beer had been dealing with trolling online against her which does not stop her to have the confident appearance and gave her fans tips on coping and dealing with an anxiety issue.

    She was wearing tight ripped lace-up jeans and cropped t-shirt clothes showing off her toned tummy along with Louis Vuitton backpack as she headed to famous eatery Nice guy on Thursday in West Hollywood.

    She denied the sources which mention that she is dating Brooklyn Beckham, who is the son of famous football star David Beckham. She is dating her boyfriend Jack Gilinsky 

    Speaking told on Z100 Morning Show, : ‘I deal with this every day; I wake up and have been told to kill myself like 30 times already; it’s crazy. It’s definitely what comes with it, and a lot of people say, ‘Yeah, but this is what you signed up for.’
    ‘I think that’s such a shame to say. It shouldn’t come along with me making music and following my dreams. It’s upsetting those two go hand-in-hand now because of social media.’

    ‘I think everyone is allowed to defend him or herself, and remember the bullying and hatred comes from them.

    ‘He’s (Brooklyn) great, though, he’s a cutie, literally one of my best friends. It’s hard because now every time I’m seen with him people are like, ‘Oh my god, they’re boyfriend and girlfriend!’

    A post shared by Madison Beer (@madisonbeer) on

    She got prominence after famous singer Justin Bieber with his millions of followers about her YouTube where she was singing Etta James‘ “At Last“. Her date of birth was March 5, 1999 (age 18), and was born at Jericho, Town of Oyster Bay, NY

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    Taapsee Pannu, Jacqueline & Varun Dhawan Play Lead Role In Salman Khan New Movie Sequel Judwaa 2 , A David Dhawan Comedy Movie

    Who Are The Lead Actress in Judwaa 2

    Bollywood diva Jacqueline Fernandez and famous south-Indian actress Taapsee Pannu is playing female leads role in the upcoming movie, Judwaa 2. While veteran director David Dhawan son, Varun Dhawan to play a double role in the movie. Taapsee Pannu to stare in new masala movie, Judwaa 2.

    Previously, Tapsee Pannu had worked in numerous critical acclaim movies such as Pink, (which also include BollywoodJudwaa 2' returning Mauritius' schedule A-lister veteran actor Amitabh Bachan) and Naam Shabana. Bollywood beauty Jacqueline Fernandez and Tapsee will act in the lead role while Varun Dhawan had a double role in the movie, similar to Salman Khan role in original Judwaa movie.

    The lead actor, Varun Dhawan dad is none other than David Dhawan, who had made numerous comical movies. Several of his films include Bollywood legend actor Govinda as the main lead in hit movies such as Biwi No., Jodi No.1, and others.

    Judwaa 2 Movie Location

    The picture of Tapsee Pannu in beachwear seems to be shooting in Mauritius for the movie song. A remake of Chashme Baddoor where she had also had a female lead role and it is the first time she had worked with directed by David Dhawan.

    Tapsee had done numerous south movie but until recently she had more focus on performance-based roles. The movie shooting for Judwaa 2 is almost finished and Mauritius being the last spot in the list
    “Judwaa 2” | Why Jacqueline is under Pressure ? by iansindia
    Tapsee is also to play daughter-in-law role in thriller movie Mulk along side veteran actor Richi Kapoor, Son of late legendary actor Raj Kapoor.

    Judwaa Salman Khan Cult Bollywood Movie

    .Bollywood super star Salman Khan, who starred in the first sequel had a cameo role in the movie. Judwaa is regarded asSets Of The Movie Judwaa 2 David Dhawan classic comedy cult movie and one of his best movies.

    Salman Khan, Rambha and Karishma Kapoor had acted in lead roles in the first sequel of Judwaa. The movie songs are one of the most iconic dances in Bollywood in the 90s. Varun Dhawan will romance with hotties, Tapsee Pannu, (who will play the role of college girl) and Jacqueline Fernandez and we do hope they all will do justice to their characters.

    Taapsee told PTI news agency, “I will work on my part by making sure I look my glamorous best in the film.The change of look is the most that I am expecting out of the film. I have experimented a lot with my acting bit, so I want to get into the commercial heroine space.”

    The movie is set to release on September 29, 2017, in the USA and was Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and Distributed by Fox Star Studios

    Let’s hope if the movie would be able to make entry 100-crore club and will Salman Khan cameo role in the movie will add some crores or spice to it.

    Judwaa 2 Cast, Actor & Actress

    Partial cast, Sorted by The Boring State:
    salman khan movie upcoming movie judwaa 2 Salman Khan
    anupam kher judwaa 2 Anupam Kher
    Jacqueline Fernandez judwaa 2 Jacqueline Fernandez
    varun dhawan judwaa 2 photo, varun dhawan judwaa 2 movie Varun Dhawan
    Raja / Prem
    Tapsee Pannu judwaa 2 movie, Tapsee Pannu
    Chiara Lucotti judwaa 2 movie Chiara Lucotti
    Rajpal Yadav judwaa 2 movie Rajpal Yadav
    Zachary Coffin judwaa 2 movie Zachary Coffin
    Police Captain
    judwaa 2 movie Atul Sharma Atul Sharma

    Judwaa 2 Production House

    Production Companies:

    David Dhawan ProductionsNadiadwala Grandson EntertainmentUniversal Entertainment See more 

    Other Details

    Official Sites:






    Release Date:

    29 September 2017 (USA)

    Filming Locations:

    Southall, Middlesex, England,



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    Game Of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers And Theories, & Season 6 Summary Recap By Episode Jon Snow Daenerys & Tryrion

    The winter is coming! The Game of Thrones Season 7 includes lots of naval battle, Jon snow resurrection ( May be Again!), alliances lies, battle and death odds (not sure who’s)  ahead with only a little time is left to prepare.

    The waiting that was almost for a year is about to get over. Well, the mammoth return of Game Of Thrones of season 7 American release premiere date will be on this Sunday and air date and time would be  9 PM, HBO officially announced.

    Game of Thrones is Written and inspired by fantasy, science fiction writer George R.R Martin and the show is probably one of the most highly anticipated shows in tv history and watched by millions of people around the world. According to Vulture, the shows is one of most watched HBO show ever and it draws almost 8 million viewers.

    game of thrones season 5 episode 7 full cast list

    And now the battle to seize the iron throne, fighting for justice and our beloved characters have fallen ardently in love will return to the screen. Are you ready? Make yourself ready for all that’s about to come.


    Before we setting out sail for season 7 and almost it’s has been one long year since the GoT( Game of Throne) left us. We were surprised when there was Jon snow resurrection, Jon snow battle and we also witness the biggest battle. Let’s have a recap of Game of Thrones season 6.

    Tyrion Lannister Meets Daenerys Targaryen

    Tyrion Lannister, the dwarf son of Tywin Lannister and younger brother of Jaime and Cersei Lannister. He is  Probably the most celebrated and beloved character in Game of Thrones.

    game of thrones season 6 tyrion lannister and khalisi

    Tyrion on the last season has sworn allegiance to Daenerys Targaryen. The queen Khaleesi made Tyrion Lannister the Hand of The Queen for his loyal services. And, everybody surely loves their blossoming friendship.

    game of thrones season 6 tyrion lannister and khalisi Daenerys Targaryen.

    To claim her throne, Daenerys Targaryen is set to sail for Westeros and ready to unleash havoc on her trusty dragons……

    Daenerys”s Targaryen don’t have just Tyrion Lannister to help but she also accompanied by two loyal Dokharati companions…….Grey Worm And Missandei Together

    Greyworm, who is the commander of Unsullied and Missandei, who used to serve as an interpreter for the masters of Astapor.

    Greyworm, who is the commander of Unsullied and Missandei,

    The Queen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms and the widow of King of Robert Baratheon, Cersei Lannister…….Cersei Lannister Blows Up Sept Of Baelor 

    Who we obviously love to hate. She killed her daughter-in-law and Queen Margaery Tyrell by blowing up The Great Sepr of Baelo in order to get revenge and to evade her trial.

    Tommen reigning king (who inherited the throne from his cruel elder brother, Joffrey Baratheon

    Tommen Kills Himself: After witnessing the virescent wildfire explosion the kind-hearted son,

    Tommen the reigning king (who inherited the throne from his cruel elder brother, Joffrey Baratheon, He was the youngest child of Robert Baratheon) of seven kingdoms plunged to his death., sadly.

    reigning king (who inherited the throne from his cruel elder brother, Joffrey Baratheon

    We are still not sure will Jaimie Lannister, the brother of Cersei Lannister will support her sister after all the atrocities.

    With his own mind full of troubles and sorting out after arriving back in King’s Landing to witness it all. Let’s see in season 7

    Cersei Lannister will support her sister after all the atrocities.

    Jaime Lannister And Brienne Get Together : The last time we saw Brienne of Tarth, the lion-hearted on Riverrun, as she gives farewell to Jaimie, who meet her after arriving at Riverrun and lift the siege during the war with Five Kings after she rowing away with his loyal squire Podrick Payne.

    podrick payne and brienne of tarth

    In season 6, we learned that Jon Snow is actually a Targaryen and finally was unanimously made the king of the north.

    Bran Stark And Meera Reed ….And who made this revelation. Well, it was Bran’s vision, who is now officially three eyed raven and finally reached the wall along with Meera Reed, who swore allegiance with House of Starks.

    game of thrones season 6 meera reed brans

    Sansa Stark And Jon Snow Reunite : Sansa Stark, the sister of Jon Snow finally reunited with his brother, Jon Snow. The both seize Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton, the most hated men in Game of Thrones.

    game of thrones season 6 jon snow battle

    Sansa Stark Does Kill Ramsay Bolton: Bit gruesome, but with satisfied grin Sansa Stark walks away after feeds Ramsay to his own hounds.

    The Hounds damn hungry and starving as Ramsay didn’t feed to poor dogs for quite a while.

    game of thrones ramsay bolton dogs death

    The Littlefinger Wants Everything : With his wish to have Sansa as his Queen, the LittleFinger has his eyes on kinghood.

    littlefinger season 7 predictions

    Arya Stark kill List Include Walder Frey: Arya Stark took vengeance from Wader Frey, who killed his mother and brother by cutting his throat.

    After serving Frey pie which is made out of his son she reveals herself and killed him. She is now a Faceless man.

    arya stark walder frey scene

    Yara Greyjoy Daenerys Targaryen: In order to assert back their authority from Iron Islands, Yara Greyjoy and his brother Theon Greyjoy…..

    have coalesced with Daenery’s Targaryen by promising to give her their swarm of ships and aid her in the battle for Iron Throne.

    game of thrones season 7 yara greyjoy brother theon

    And Quick Season 7 recap. (Spoiler Alert)

    The HBO has released three episode description and this is further summary from Game of Thrones season 7 everything we know so far, including character predictions.

    Tyrion Lannister Wants To Make Westeros Great Again

    Stormborn (the second episode)  Tyrion plans to conquer the Westeros. Daenery’s received an unexpected visitor.

    game of thrones season 7 jaime lannister

    The Queens’ Justice (the third episode) Cersai return the gift and Jaimie learn from his mistakes
    Once more the Jon Snow will have a monumental confrontation with White Walkers.
    Podrick and Brienne will arrive at Winterfell.

    game of thrones season 7 wolves

    Tyrion Lannister will have an awkward encounter with his siblings, Jamie and Cersei Lannister as he arrives in Westeros with Daenerys.

    The trailer shows Jon Snow has meeting Queen Daenerys in an unknown location and fan theories suspect it might be Dragonstone or in King’s Landing.

    game of thrones season 7 white walker eye

    Aansa Stark Return To Winterfell : Littlefinger will continue to play as devil’s advocate. As Sansa and Jon had removed Ramsay from the kingdom and retook their home. Littlefinger has had his eyes to be a kinghood for a quite while. In season 7 we definitely see

    game of thrones season 7 tyrion lannister

    In season 7 we definitely see power struggle between Sansa Stark and Jon Snow, who was unanimously voted as king in the North.

    The final season shows down with cinematically and structurally. And yes! We are all super excited and prepare for the thrill of a lifetime. 

    game of thrones season 7 sansa and jon

    Kristofer Hivju s'amuse avec des figurines Game... by PausePeople

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    Samsung Galaxy S6 Quick Settings Including Customization & Doing Setting With Quick Toggles

    samsung galaxy s6 quick setting buttons

    A Phone with s6 Advanced Customization

    In the hope that it will succeed in attracting a wide audience, and it does the ones from Samsung seems had integrated all kinds of customization options in the  Galaxy S6.

    Many of those who focus on the purchase of an Android smartphone, have a fascination for virtually unlimited customization possibilities. Virtually every interface or menu launcher can be adjusted according to personal preferences, in contrast with an iPhone except the background image will be the same for all users even one year after a purchase.

    The ones from Samsung will lead to a new level of customization experience for the forthcoming Galaxy S6 and the home looks perfect. Similar to what are those from Sony do with their Android devices, the South Koreans will introduce very well done support for themes and a system that users should be able to define in detail for the appearance of several elements interface.

    A Similarity with Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5

    This initiative is not completely new ones from Samsung. Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5, two very attractive handsets launched in the fall of 2014 by the same company, already had experience with support for customising themes.Regarding the future S6, those from Sammobile have information like they will further enhance the power of ordinary users to modify their preferences after the appearance of such a device interface.

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Quick Settings

    Regarding the future S6, those from Samsung mobile have information like they will further enhance the power of ordinary users to modify their preferences after the appearance of such a device interface.

    To facilitate the customization will be released a shop with free and paid theme content, which interested persons may opt for various interface options. Apparently, a theme includes a wallpaper and new fonts, different sounds for notifications and many other features. Thus, a Galaxy S6 on vibration may look completely different compared to the same phone normally operating.

    Currently, we do not know if that Theme Store will include only those creations made by Samsung or also by third parties.

    Samsung Galaxy s6 Touchwiz Review

    The best thing about Samsung new phone is that they reduced the TouchWiz features of Samsung galaxy along with bloat time and TouchWiz launcher is very unique and easy, though the TouchWiz is not anywhere from being perfect, so don’t bet on on it.

    They had completely removed the Quick setting and added few enhancements of few features of Android. Google Android Lollipop 5.0 had tweaked Quick setting along with Android 4.2.

    On the majority of latest Android devices, the setting can be accessed via two-finger swipe.But, it must be noted that the two-finger swipe gesture on Galaxy S6 phones, since Korean company, Samsung has completely removed the Quick settings but commonly used toggle via scrobble in the notification bar.

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Quick Buttons Settings

    The benefit comes here in a sense that toggles are customizable in Samsung Quick setting of your phone. To add toggles, simply:

    Step 1: You can check and customize through steps below.
    Go to the top right corner and tap “Edit” via notification drawer on Galaxy S6.
    Step 2: The top, highlighted shade of blue, are displayed in scrobble list, you would able to see two different sections and the list of toggles on screen.
    Step 3: To display in the Quick setting hold and drag toggles to the top screen. Go to the bottom of the screen, drag and hold toggled that you don’t want to display.

    Also, If you want to rearrange toggles simply drag and drop to your desired position in a Quick setting. After customizing the toggles to your desired position. Simply click on “Done” at the top right corner.
    Tell us would you able to customize and if needed any help, just drop the comment below.

    To know, more about Samsung Galaxy Features, Read more at SlashGear

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    Leonardo DiCaprio & Martin Scorsese Teaming Up For True Crime Drama Movie “Killers Of The Flower Moon”.

    killers of the flower A True Crime Movie moon movie release date And Star Cast

    Academy award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio will team up with director Martin Scorsese, (who is undoubtedly one of the greatest movie directors) for their upcoming movie, Killers of the Flower Moon and will be duo 6th movie collaboration.

    Movie Based David Killers of the Flower Moon 

    As reported by Variety magazine the movie would be based on bestselling book by David Grann, Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and Birth of the FBI (The book was Originally published on April 18, 2017) . Though there is no official comment regarding movie from Martin Scorsese’s but his production designer, Dante Ferretti told that the movie shooting of Flower Moon would spring of be next year.

    Leonardo Dicaprio & Martin Scorsese Killers Of The Flower Moon

    According to Ferretti the preliminary location he was going to “go to Oklahoma”  for the Flower Moon.  Both Ferretti and Scorsese has worked together on almost nine movies.

    We hear that Imperative is working right now to put together some A-listers for the big screen; first choices happen to be Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio and

    Imperative Entertainment are working to have A-listers cast in the movie; the top choices would be Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro.

    Ferretti said that “start preparing this film in September because Scorsese will shoot it immediately after finishing “The Irishman” adding that “the whole 1920s world of Indians who lived there needs to be reconstructed”.  Tarantino and Leonardo Dicaprio have worked for a total of five films which includes films like “Gangs of New York,” “The Aviator,”  “Shutter Island”, “Wolf of Wall Street,” “The Audition.” and “The Departed”.

    Reportedly, the script has been drafted by Academy-winner Scribe Roth. The unconfirmed cast Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, roles are not yet confirmed. The killers of the flower moon movie release date is not announced but it may be 2019.

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    This Is How To Improve Your Plumbing Business With Strategies, Tips & Ideas For Running Successfully With Ease

    Strategies, Tips & Ideas For Running Successful Plumbing Business

    Want to start or want to grow, expand improve and promote a plumbing business

    No one can deny the importance of an experienced plumber. Troubles with water carrying pipes and blockages in sinks, sewage, and other places in and around the house are a common occurrence. Most people are unable to do without a good professional when an emergency
    However, there are plumbers, and there are other plumbers too! Not everybody can be successful in the chosen profession and the same thing applies for plumbing also.

    Even then, there are certain ways to ensure that customers call you whenever passage of water in pipes does not occur as expected.

    When you Google Affordable plumbing, that query means people looking for an affordable plumber. So, don’t go too far on your prices.

    Here below are five useful tips that plumbers can use in their profession.

    1. Plumbing Brochure, A Must

    Plumbing Brochure, A Must
    Every profession requires strong advertiser marketing techniques for attracting attention. When starting out
    as a plumber, your first step should be developing an attractive brochure and a business card. That’s is very effective method.
    They should contain clear contact information that nobody can miss and you really should make sure about it.
    It can include your office address, telephone number, fax, e-mail ID, and website address. Try to circulate as many copies of prospects for attracting business your way with increased propensity from the word go!

    2.Plumbing Websites Listing

    Plumbing Websites Listing
    Getting your service on local directories and business listings is an important part of attracting attention. When your name comes up in local searches people are sure to know about your establishment and give you a chance whenever a negative plumbing situation comes up.
    Printed directory listing is another useful way to let people know about your presence and that’s pretty useful to look for.

    3. Develop  Plumbing Business Networking

    Develop  Plumbing Business Networking
    Meeting right people and telling them about what you do is the first step of developing a useful networking and get customers to call you whenever required.
    You can introduce yourself at property owner associations, rental agencies, and real estate companies, community organisations and construction companies for this purpose. Let them know you and your business. Networking is one of the most important tool you could use to grow or expand your business and very effective.

    4. Work towards a Specialisation

    Work towards a Specialisation

    Preparing yourself for a specialisation is a good way to get ahead in your plumbing business and attract attention. This way, whenever a that specific problem comes up customers are going to think about you first.
    You can go for eco-friendly services or provide your expertise to town halls, theatres, hospitals, hotels, and state parks.
    Alternatively, you may keep new constructions in focus.

    Develop Strong Work Ethics WITH plumbing responsibilities

    In order to shine in your chosen arena developing strong work, ethics is a must. Being punctual, polite, cost-effective, and diligent can work in your favour.
    By creating trust and through positive impressions on customers, your plumbing profession can attain growth and success.
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    Jab Harry Met Sejal Latest News: Release Date, Movie Trailer, Film Songs, Star Cast Review & Box Office Flop

    jab harry met sejal movie review


    Article Contributed by The Boring State India’s Editor, Vikas Kumar.

    Director & Cast Name

    Directed and written by well-renowned Indian director Imtiaz Ali.The film main cast included Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s and Image result for evelyn sharmaactress Anushka Sharma jab Harry met Sejal facts

    The Kharab Character

     Harinder Singh Nehra is role Shahrukh Khan is playing, (those folks who don’t know he recently delivered a Ted Talk in Vancouver, Canada, the only Bollywood personality to do so) is trailing while Anushka Sharma, A vacationing will play this role and her character would name Sejal. The Film final title was released on Friday. Here are the trending facts.

    Songs Name Lists

    Bollywood power star Shahrukh Khan and Actress Anushka Sharma’s ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ would have 3 songs and to have 7 minutes trailer.Reported by Times Of India, Women’s named Sejal has been flocking to Superstar residence in Mumbai, India.

    The girls even verify their ID just to meet or have a sight of an actor.Shahrukh Khan who is also known as “Badshah” and ” King of Bollywood” has huge fan following are fans from across the globe and they are waiting for doe this new movieImage result for anushka sharma shorts

    Shah Rukh Khan Anushka Sharma Movie

    The movie is the third collaboration between Anusha Sharma, who had previously worked together in two films,  Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012) and Rab Ne Bane Di Jodi, which was released in 2008. The Harry met sejal song “safar” has stolen heart’s songs. Thanks to Imtiaz Ali and Twitterati are hooked with this lovely song.As we previously reported the movie trailer was released on Friday. As of today, the trailer have a million views not counting songs.

    The Hottest Evelyn Sharma

    Besides leading cast, the movie’s other cast included German-Indian actress and model Evelyn Sharma, Bollywood A-lister Akshay Kumar’s Jolly LLB 2 actress Sayani Gupta and along with Chandan Roy Sanyal, who has worked in Bengali and Hindi language films.Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)  had disapproved the word “intercourse” from the promotional video of the movie.

    The movie production had begun in April 2016, and was announced in August 2016, and was titled “Production No. 52”. The film goes Image result for evelyn sharmathrough lot name changes but in the end, “Jab Sejal Met Harry” was finally official.

    Songs And Singers List 

    With the label of Sony Music India. The Songs were released by TBA and recorded between the year 2016 and 2017 and composed by Indian music director, Pritam Chakraborty also known as Pritam, Arijit Singh and lyrics by Irshad Kamal. All songs are the Hindi Language and not on english version

    The currently released songs include are :

    Radha Song Sing by Shahid Mallya and Sunidhi Chauhan). Beech Beech Mein Song  Sing by Shefali Alvares, Arijit Singh and Shalmali kholgade. Safar Song  Sing by Arijit Singh. Parinda Search sing by  “Nikhil D’Souza, Tochi Raina song length is 4:16. Hawayein” (Film Version) sing by Arijit Singh length is 5:07dear zndagi.

    Phurrr (Film Version)”DJ Diplo, Pritam, Mohit Chauhan, Tushar Joshi length is 3:25. Jee Ve Sohaneya”Nooran Sisters length is 4:10. Raula sing by Diljit Dosanjh, Neeti Mohan length is 4:16. Yaadon Mein sing by “Mohammed Irfan, Jonita Gandhi, Cuca Roseta, Arjun Chandy. Phurrr sing by DJ Diplo, Pritam, Mohit Chauhan, Tushar Joshi length is 3:24. Ghar sing by Mohit Chauhan, Nikhita Gandhi length is 3:40

    Parinda sing by Pardeep Singh Sran length is 3:12. Hawayein sing by Arijit Singh length is 4:50. Butterflysing by Dev Negi, Sunidhi Chauhan, Aman Trikha, Nooran Sisters. Beech Beech Mein sing by Arijit Singh, Shalmali Kholgade, Shefali Alvares length is 3:25. Safar”Arijit Singh length is 6:05.

    12. “Phurrr (Film Version)” DJ Diplo, Pritam, Mohit Chauhan, Tushar Joshi 3:25
    13. “Hawayein” (Film Version) Arijit Singh 5:07
    14. “Parinda (Search)” Nikhil D’Souza, Tochi Raina 4:16
    9. “Yaadon Mein” Mohammed Irfan, Arjun Chandy, Jonita Gandhi, Cuca Roseta, 5:35
    10. “Raula” Diljit Dosanjh, Neeti Mohan 4:16
    11. “Jee Ve Sohaneya”

    anushka sharma

    5. “Hawayein” Arijit Singh 4:50
    6. “Parinda” Pardeep Singh Sran 3:12
    7. “Ghar” Mohit Chauhan, Nikhita Gandhi 3:40
    8. “Phurrr”
    1. “Radha” Sunidhi Chauhan, Shahid Mallya 5:01
    2. “Beech Beech Mein” Arijit Singh, Shefali Alvares, Shalmali Kholgade, 3:25
    3. “Safar” Arijit Singh 6:05
    4. “Butterfly” Dev Negi, Nooran Sisters, Sunidhi Chauhan, Aman Trikha, 4:67

    Jab Harry Met Sejal Pedia

    Running time
    144 minutes
    Country India
    Language Hindi
    Box office est. ₹107.28 crores [2]
    Cinematography K.U. Mohanan
    Edited by Aarti Bajaj
    Red Chillies Entertainment
    Distributed by Yash Raj Films
    Release date
    • 4 August 2017

    Related image

    Written by Imtiaz Ali
    Starring Shah Rukh Khan
    Anushka Sharma
    Aru Krishansh VermaEvelyn Sharma
    Chandan Roy Sanyal
    Music by Songs:
    Background score:
    Hitesh Sonik
    Hindi जब हैरी मेट सेजल
    Directed by Imtiaz Ali
    Produced by Gauri Khan

    The Movie Trailer

    Jab Harry Met Sejal Crew And Cast

    Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan
    Harinder ‘Harry’ Singh Nehra
    Anushka Sharma Anushka Sharma
    Sejal Jhaveri
    Evelyn Sharma Evelyn Sharma
    Diljit Dosanjh Diljit Dosanjh
    Samantha Elizondo Samantha Elizondo
    Girl At Club
    Christina Murphy Christina Murphy
    Club Waitress
    Anjan Srivastav Anjan Srivastav
    Martavious Gayles Martavious Gayles
    Björn Freiberg Björn Freiberg
    Bar Guy
    Manjot Singh Manjot Singh
    Attila G. Kerekes Attila G. Kerekes

    Jab Harry Met Sejal Florida, USA Showtime For AMC Theater

    Fri 08/04 : 11:15 AM | 02:55 PM | 06:35 PM | 10:10 PM |  Sat 08/05 : 11:15 AM | 02:55 PM | 06:35 PM | 10:10 PM |

    Sun 08/06 : 11:15 AM | 02:55 PM | 06:35 PM | Mon 08/07 : 12:15 PM | 04:00 PM | 07:45 PM |

    Tue 08/08 : 12:15 PM | 04:00 PM | 07:45 PM | Wed 08/09 : 12:15 PM | 04:00 PM | 07:45 PM | Thu 08/10: 12:10 PM | 04:00 PM | 07:45 |

    Box Office Prediction & Collections

    In comparison with South blockbuster movie like ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ and Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Raees’ had collected almost $14,36,000 (UD DOLLAR) and $14,100,000 (US DOLLAR) respectively. But, Jab Harry Met Sejal movie at international box office collections stand on third spot of one of the highest grosser movie of 2017.jab harry met sejal, shah rukh khan, imtiaz ali, pritam, anushka sharma, radha, diplo, arijit singh, Phurrr, Jee Ve Sohaneya, mohit chauhan, Nikita Gandhi, rumi, parinda, Nikhil D’Souza, Tochi Raina, Yaadon Mein, Cuca Roseta, ghar, film companion, manish gaekwad, soundtrack review, jab harry met sejal review, jab harry met sejal music review, music review, Beech Beech Mein, ABBA, r d burman, Shalmali Kholgade, Shefali Alvares, Aaman Trikha, Nooran Sisters, Dev Negi, Sunidhi Chauhan

    The movie first week’s collection at the domestic box office was Rs 57.63 crore, delivering the absolute collection of Rs 2.75 crore after the second weekend of the movie opening.

    The domestic sum of the movie now stands at Rupees 60.38 crore and the movie saw the figures plunge on Friday with only Rs 75 lac followed by Rs 1 crore on Saturday and likewise figures on Sunday. Week One was 35,33,00,000, Week Two – 12,71,00,000 and Week Three – 5,50,00,000 approx with Grand Total – 53,54,00,000 Rs.

    Overall the movie turn out to be box office flop and became known as “Jab Dumb met Dumber”

    Baahubali 2: Hindi 511.30 Cr
    Raees 139.00 Cr
    Kaabil 126.85 Cr
    Tubelight 121.25 Cr
    Jolly LLB 2 117.00 Cr

    Image result for evelyn sharma

    Other movies collected at box office on second-weekend business are Naam Shabana –

    Rs. 5.37 cr, Lipstick Under My Burkha – Rs.

    3.76 cr, Half Girlfriend – Rs. 6.12 cr. Sachin A Billion Dreams – Rs. 5.71 cr,  The Ghazi Attack – 3.2 cr, Phillauri – Rs. 3.1 cr, Jab Harry

    Met Sejal – Rs. 2.85 cr While the top movies of Bollywood in 2017 was Baahubali 2: 511.30 Crore, Hrithik Roshan Kaabil 126.85 Crore, Shah Rukh Khan Raees 139.00 Crore, Salman Khan’s Tubelight 121.25 Crore and Akshay Kumar’s Jolly LLB 2117.00 Cr. Even, Akshay Kumar movie Tilet: Ek Prem katha had better opening than this movie.

    Bollywood Biggest First-Week Collection

    Let’s See how much ths movie will audience and critics admire

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    Chase Sapphire Reserve OR Chase Sapphire Preferred, The Best Credit Cards For The Excellent Credit Score

    chase sapphire

    A Comparison of Chase Sapphire Reserve vs the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Both offer greater choice and perfect rewards but you need to have good to excellent credit score to approve for Chase Sapphire and preferred, People who have good greater score also have a chance to get approved for these cards. Let us know which one you choose. Please let a comment below and let us know.

  • in

    Hello Houston (NASA)!We Have Problem,Mars One Fact Or Just Fiction:Will Manned Craft EVER get off the ground

    space exploration important Humankind, Red Planet Expedition

    why space exploration is important

    We have all heard about the importance and idea of creating colonies or space exploration outside our planet earth and this was something that seemed to be too difficult to achieve in the past, but the people at Mars One have stated that they want to start making these colonies by the year 2023.

    The idea is to launch the selected applicants with Mars as their destination and they want to document this event with a reality show that would be broadcasting 24/7 every single day. The idea is to advanced human exploration mission to Mars as a tipping point.

    why space exploration important Humankind, the Red Planet Expedition

    The Red Planet Expedition

    According to their calculations, Mars One will start the construction process in January 2018. This means carrying all the required materials to build the structures for people to live in.

    The probability depends is to allow people from several countries in the world to be the first applicants to the second wave of people who will be selected to go to Mars.  Even people from a country such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt have shown heavy interest and they really like to go The Red Planet.

    The applicant interviews already started in December 2013. There are going to be a lot of people that are going to be interested in being one of those chosen few, but the standards for Mars One expedition are very high and people will have to excel at all the tests they take.

    space exploration important Humankind, Red Planet Expedition

    How Long Does It Take To Get To Red planet, Mars

    The idea is to bring a new group of people every two years in order to populate on the red planet in a very controlled matter with a strict screening of each person who will be taken there. This is obviously a very project with the importance that could end up providing humanity with a second option for space exploration in a controlled environment.

    If this is successful we could be in front of the most revolutionary idea that has ever been released in the history of mankind. Just imagine how millions of people would want to tune in to see how these individuals live and adapt to life on Mars. Let’s see when it happens and will

    This is obviously a very ambitious project that could end up providing humanity with a second option for human life in a controlled environment.

    If this is successful we could be in front of the most revolutionary idea that has ever been released in the history of mankind. Just imagine how millions of people would want to tune in to see how these individuals live and adapt to life on Mars. Let’s see when it happens and will it success.

    Mars One Information

    Mars One
    Mars One logo

    Mars One crew size 4
    Mars One launch vehicle Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy(proposed)
    First flight 2022 (proposed)
    First crewed flight 2031
    Purpose Permanent Mars Settlement
    Status Under development
    Program history
    Program duration 2011–present, 2013–present (crew selection)
    Country of origin Private founded in Netherlands
    Responsible organization Mars One and Interplanetary Media Group

    Mars One Crowdfunding (Not in Order, Until July 4, 2016)





























     New Zealand




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    This Happens In Iceland When Someone In Debt Dies & What Happens To Student Loan if You Die

    when person someone dies debt who pays it , what happens, & What Happens To Student Loan if You Die

    Article submitted by Adelia Agla ( An Icelandic Resident), No modification has been made or allowed.

    Deceased Estate, A Real Estate Liquidate

    First, the debt after the person deceased depends on where you live or country to country, each country have its own complex rules. Our country has different laws than U.S. While per the United States government rules, they can’t go after to your family members, but certainly, the debt specialists probably can make a claim against person real estate or they could be forced liquidate deceased assets to satisfy the debt.

    when person someone dies debt who pays it , what happens, & What Happens To Student Loan if You Die

    No Such Thing: Student Loan Forgiveness After Parent Death

    A country such as an Iceland – can go after your family member, whether they are related through marriage or not. Simple example: A man married to a woman. She had one grown daughter and had one adult son. After the parent death. If their son has defaulted on his student loans. The son’s student loan fund is now going after the woman’s adult daughter and that’s implemented on the entire population, so there nothing such thing as “Iceland forgives entire population….debt”, which was just a hoax.

    A High Iceland Bank Interest Rates

    Though Icelandic Laws virtually ensure banks high profits, including the scheme, know as value guarantee, The value guarantee means that the principal amount of loan increases along with inflation. And suppose if you borrow $9,000 and pay back $80/monthly, and inflation point is suppose 12% and interests rates is almost 9%, that means after a year, you’ve paid off almost $11,00 on a $9,000 loan, (my calculation may be wrong) with this, you still owe the bank $11,000. Mostly, All banking the laws in Iceland are designed to minimize the risk of lenders.

    We do not claim any responsibility for the truthfulness of article nor any modification has been made to this content.

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    Bad Experience With Lending Club, Low Dividend But Not Bad Investment, An investor Review

    Bad Experience Lending Club, Low Dividend Not Investment, An investor Review

    My Personal Lending Club bad experience which I had for almost one year along with only 49% lending club Notes Paid out. Please, it’s my personal Experience don’t take for granted.

    Trading My Lending Club Notes (Review)

    In  August of 2013, I applied through website name Myinstantoffer.com via pre approval and started investing in Lending Club, and I must say that I had the best time with them with them due to the fact that I was getting dividend interest up to 12% of my $5,0000 (Five thousand) investment with them.

    I expand my notes ( $25 is the minimum note you can start with, and review each time)  into 80 notes that each ranges from $25 to $50 and for that I did a lot of homework and had to spend countless days on yield optimization (YO) through systematic loan buying. The first year was great and yield more than 11% ROI with only 3 were written off loans. Even I trade and buy the notes in foliofn to look for better notes, which had good performing history.

    Bad Experience Lending Club, Low Dividend Not Investment, An investor Review

    Is Lending Club Good Or Bad Investment

    P.S, My friend ask about my experience with the lending club was bad or good. I told my them this…….

    But the last 8 months are worst period and mostly all my loans become the default and I must say I was personally affected.

    Before my account get hit back further I mostly sell all my loans on very cheap or below the market prices. Even today, I have $100 still in my Lending Club account due to the fact that I didn’t get a chance to sell remaining notes. I had written it off as if it doesn’t exist. –

    lending club Low Dividend Not Investment, An investor Review

    Personally, I suspect that the Lending Club had lowered the lender’s requirements and I think they also lowered interest of the loans to attract more lending.

    Besides, the profits are taxed as individual ordinary income, and it must be noted that the first-year taxes are very high, due to the fact that the defaults loans are mostly likely kicking in the later year.

    Avoid Risk In Lending Club, Diversification Is Key

    With high loan default and another alternative to going such as prosper( which I will review later), I would say be cautious  and avoid risk with Lending Club, the best way to do that is to diversify notes, which is key. The company revenue went down last and with few quarter the are losing money. The current risk is completely detrimental to the currently achievable returns. All my other investments are doing much better (Stock ETF’s, single stocks, REIT’s and some Fundrise).

    bad experience bad investment lending club

    The other preferable investment would single stock, ETFs or fundrise.

    Is Investing in Lending Club Is worth it

    To avoid getting write off I get I personally “loaned” individual who are homeowners and had no recent credit inquiries had no defaults primarily looking for debt consolidation and obviously have a good credit score before they are applying.

    Though, well I won’t say the Lending Club is a bad investment but I should stay longer or re-invest notes to see how it goes. Maybe one year isn’t worth it to judge the company.

    This is just Bonus material podcast. You may or may not find it interesting.

    Lending Club Better Business Bureau Rating

    User Review Website
    Average Rating*
    Number of Reviews
    Quality of Reviews on Website
    Better Business Bureau
    4.18 out of 5
    47 reviews
    221 complaints
    8.1 out of 10
    7 reviews
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