Pakistan vs India Military Strength Comparison 2020 & India’s Successful Mars Mission, Future Space Superpower.

The Benefits Of Indian Mars Mission, India the New Space Superpower & The “IVF Technology” For The Daredevils Indias Border Security Forces.

Pakistan India comparison linked to Missile Technology  Comparison for 2020 is no easy task. For the past decades, India’s neighboring enemy country Pakistan is on the cold war, each country wants to go ahead in terms of economic as well as military strength and superiority, more like a counter-balance game, though India is still ahead of Pakistan in terms of conventional power.

Nuclear warheads Pakistan vs India 2016

Pakistan has an edge over India In terms of nuclear weapons, , according to ican and statista. Below:

🇵🇰 Pakistan: 120

🇮🇳 India: 110


The military strength measuring between India and Pakistan is undoubtedly one of the most performed “Googled” searches on the internet.





Quick Question: Is Nuclear country Pakistan is still ahead in missile technology

Source: Nuclear Notebook, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists; As of 2013

Quick Answer: Based on 2017, India is still miles ahead of Pakistan, which have 7th largest armed forces in the world

Military expenditures – percent of GDP2.42% of GDP (2015)
2.49% of GDP (2014)
2.46% of GDP (2013)
2.54% of GDP (2012)
2.65% of GDP (2011)
3.55% of GDP (2015)
3.48% of GDP (2014)
3.47% of GDP (2013)
3.48% of GDP (2012)
3.29% of GDP (2011)
Military service age and obligation(INDIA) 16-18 years of age for voluntary military service  no conscription; women may join as officers, currently serve in combat roles as pilots, and will be soon be allowed in all combat roles(Pakistan) 16-23 years of age for voluntary military service; soldiers cannot be deployed for combat until age 18; women can serve in all three armed forces; reserve obligation to age 45 for enlisted men, age 50 for officers
Military branches Air Force, Coast Guard (2011) Army, Navy (includes naval air arm), Pakistan Navy (includes Maritime Security Agency), Pakistan Air Force Pakistan Army (includes National Guard),

The New Military Technology Of India

Pakistan vs. India: Nuclear Weapons Race

But, India went ahead today by implementing VHF technology at its front line. The Bharat electronics have developed a phone for especially Indian army use. this Technology would benefit specifically SIC, front line troops of Indian Army, The Daredevils india’s border security forces.

The technology is even configured to avoid intercepted by the enemy. Previously, Indian SIC gets an order from commanders via radio, Succeeding this by digital means, although Pakistan still uses the old-school method, according to leading Indian News Channel NDTV, Bharat Electronics, that is state-run, are behind this technology.

India Israel Military Ties Can Be Headache For... by syedmanik

Previously, Indian SIC gets an order from commanders via radio, Succeeding this by digital means, although Pakistan still uses the old-school method, according to leading Indian News Channel NDTV, Bharat Electronics, that is state-run, are behind this technology.

According to Global Firepower Index,

GDP PPP Per Capita (USD) (Economic Strength By Country)

$6,214 (win)| $4,842

Population (Population Strength By Country)

1,281,780,000 (win)| 192,263,834

GDP Nominal Per Capita (USD) (Economic Strength By Country)

$1,703 (win)| $1,289

GDP PPP (millions of USD) (Economic Strength By Country)

$7,965,000 (win)| $931,000

1,281,780,000 (win)| 192,263,834

Total Military Budget (billions USD) (Military Spending By Country)

Military Budget Per Soldier (USD) (Military Spending By Country)

$35,629 (win)| $11,578

Combined Military Capability (Combined Military Score By Country)

13,928 (win)| 2,959

Land Power Score (Land Power Score By Country)

22,496 (win)| 9,294

Narendra Modi in SAARC summit

Indian Prime Minister and former Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi was banned to entering the US soil due to his involvement in Gujrat Muslim massacre that nearly killed thousand of Muslims but Modi denies such charges.

By Control Association, Pakistan and India  stockpile. Below:

🇮🇳 India: 120

🇵🇰 Pakistan: 120


Soon after he came to top power, Modi invited SAARC countries, a regional cooperation among members, pundits regard this as a new era of Indian diplomacy. But, soon after Pakistan and India tension arise after few months of new government.

india vs pakistan military strength comparison 2017

India Benefits Of Mars Mission & Future Space Superpower

Both, countries want to succeed each other, But, according to Rajat, on asking him about Pakistan vs India Missile Technology Comparison, he said while India went ahead in terms of space supremacy, to become the first nation in Asia and only to land successful mission to Mars, even India another rival, China failed to do.

Indian FlagIndian Missiles

WarheadRange/Status Type
PRITHVI SS-250The PRITHVI SS-250 can carry almost one-ton of the warhead.Rnage of almost 215 miles. But, six hours of preparation needed before use. 150 Airforce version and 90 miles army versionliquid fueled ballistic missile, Short range
AGNInuclear capable two-stage ballistic missile, Medium-range, solid fueled,Has been only flight tested, Can be fired within a half hour. 1,500 milesOne-ton conventional or nuclear.

Pakistani FlagPakistani Missiles

SHAHEEN nuclear capable ballistic missile, solid fueled, Medium-rangeOne-ton conventional or nuclear
GHAURInuclear capable ballistic missile, liquid fueled Medium-rangeHours of preparation needed before its use, poor accuracy with 1,000 milesOne-ton conventional or nuclear
M-11/TARMUKnuclear capable ballistic missile, Short-rangeAround 25-30 deployed.1.8 ton conventional or nuclear

Therefore India, become the fourth nation to achieve such feat, that was once the only privilege to the United States, Soviet Union, and European Space Agency and along becoming future space superpower.

india vs pakistan military strength 2017

India-Pakistan future predictions

The Future remains uncertain for both countries, but will this wargame will have an end or will be there any price. Will technology make them more powerful, that is yet to be answered.

Air force >Bombers91
30 times more than Pakistan Ranked 4th. 
Ranked 9th.
Air force > Combat aircraft1,080
2 times more than Pakistan Ranked 2nd. 
Ranked 1st.
Air force > Fighters901
 4 times more than Pakistan Ranked 4th.
Ranked 7th.
Armed forces personnel2 times more than Pakistan  1.3 million
Ranked 4th. 
Ranked 6th.
Armed forces personnel > % of total labor force0.57%
Ranked 103th.  0.57% 
Ranked 33th. 3 times more than India 1.65% 
Armed forces growth3%
Ranked 65th.
 9 times more than India Ranked 51st.
Army > Attack helicopters140
Ranked 4th. 27% more than Pakistan
Ranked 1st.
Arms trade > Arms imports, top countries3,337
 4 times more than Pakistan Ranked 1st.
Ranked 8th.

Arms trade > Arms imports, top countries per million people2.77
Ranked 13th.
Ranked 11th. 64% more than India
Arms > Exports >Constant 1990 US$22 million constant 1990 US$
Ranked 27th. 2 times more than Pakistan
9 million constant 1990 US$
Ranked 30th.

Arms > Exports >Constant 1990 US$ per capita0.0198 constant 1990 US$
Ranked 41st.
0.057 constant 1990 US$
 3 times more than India Ranked 34th.
Armed forces personnel per 10001.25
Ranked 126th.
3 times more than India
Arms > Exports > Constant 1990 US$ > Per capita20.38 constant 1990 US$ per 1
Ranked 41st.
57.78 constant 1990 US$ per 1
3 times more than India

Source NationMaster

For more visit NDTV.

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