Resigning From Your Current Job: Writing Sample Resignation letter Due To Personal Family Reasons

This is Sample Letter To Write Resignation Letter For Leaving The Job Due to personal family reasons

The Key points included :

health issue.

You didn’t call your boss.

You want to state you are in different State or city.

You are not submitting letter in-person

Praising boss.

Your Name                                                                                                                                                                     Date

Your Address
Your Phone

City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. or To whom it May concern,

Very sincerely apologize as I was unable to call or reply you back.

I am in [State or City] right now due to my father health issue (State your personal family reasons) and I really need to take care him and I won’t be able to continue my job at [company name] further and also due to conflicting schedule with my other job. Please, In the future I would love to work for [company name] again and want to leave my position in good terms. Though I wish I could submit my resignation letter in-person. I won’t be back until after few weeks. Besides,  I will also submit my resignation letter via email within few days.

Working for [company name] even for few week is a privilege for me and I won’t hesitate to add on my job resume. Please, in the future if I might seek the new job, and am hoping that you will provide a reference for me. It will enhance my chances of getting another job.

 It’s my honour and I consider myself lucky to have such wonderful boss like you. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity.

Thank you


[Your Name]


Writing Resignation Letter For Leaving The Job Due to personal family reasons,

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