Leonardo DiCaprio & Martin Scorsese Teaming Up For True Crime Drama Movie “Killers Of The Flower Moon”.

killers of the flower A True Crime Movie moon movie release date And Star Cast

killers of the flower A True Crime Movie moon movie release date And Star Cast

Academy award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio will team up with director Martin Scorsese, (who is undoubtedly one of the greatest movie directors) for their upcoming movie, Killers of the Flower Moon and will be duo 6th movie collaboration.

Movie Based David Killers of the Flower Moon 

As reported by Variety magazine the movie would be based on bestselling book by David Grann, Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and Birth of the FBI (The book was Originally published on April 18, 2017) . Though there is no official comment regarding movie from Martin Scorsese’s but his production designer, Dante Ferretti told that the movie shooting of Flower Moon would spring of be next year.

Leonardo Dicaprio & Martin Scorsese Killers Of The Flower Moon

According to Ferretti the preliminary location he was going to “go to Oklahoma”  for the Flower Moon.  Both Ferretti and Scorsese has worked together on almost nine movies.

We hear that Imperative is working right now to put together some A-listers for the big screen; first choices happen to be Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio and

Imperative Entertainment are working to have A-listers cast in the movie; the top choices would be Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro.

Ferretti said that “start preparing this film in September because Scorsese will shoot it immediately after finishing “The Irishman” adding that “the whole 1920s world of Indians who lived there needs to be reconstructed”.  Tarantino and Leonardo Dicaprio have worked for a total of five films which includes films like “Gangs of New York,” “The Aviator,”  “Shutter Island”, “Wolf of Wall Street,” “The Audition.” and “The Departed”.

Reportedly, the script has been drafted by Academy-winner Scribe Roth. The unconfirmed cast Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, roles are not yet confirmed. The killers of the flower moon movie release date is not announced but it may be 2019.

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