Saudi Arabia Cool Interesting Facts & Figures From kingdom Tower Riyadh To Richest Man In The Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia A Country With No Rivers But The kingdom tower In Riyadh AKA The Soon-to-be World’s Tallest Building To 9 million foreigner workers working in Saudi Arabia. To Richest Man in Saudi Arabia Alwaleed Bin Talal

Saudi Arabia Cool Interesting Facts Figures

A Very Must Know Saudi Arabia facts, figures You want to know

we are not taking a closer look at specifically demographic economic and cultural facts and figures of Saudi Arabia that drive their economy of oil-rich kingdom. But, these are cool facts you might want to know.

Check them out below:

Saudi Arabia, A Country With No Rivers

Being known as desert country Saudi Arabia is had no permanent lake, rivers or none any large bodies of water. This is damn interesting fact

Country With No Rivers Saudi Arabia,

The kingdom tower Of Riyadh 2017

The Saudi Mile-High-Tower: The Kingdom Tower is also known as Jiddah Tower or Jeddah Tower. The kingdom tower in Riyadh 2017Saudi Arabia is erecting the world’s tallest building in Riyadh, which would be 1 kilometer tall, the Kingdom Tower construction cost expected to $1.23 billion.It has 59 elevator and 12 escalators and contains almost 80,000 tons of steel. After completion, the Kingdom Tower would be the home of world’s highest observatory.  The building is expected to completed in 2018. 

 Saudi Arabia jobs for foreigners

s of April 2013, there are estimated to be 9 million foreigner workers in Saudi Arabia. Figures estimated that in Saudi Arabia 60% of the labor force jobs in Saudi Arabia are foreigners. The government has faced criticism from legal source for treatment of these works. But, Saudi Arabia is taking steps on implementing new labor law. 

“Saudi nationals continue to work largely in the public sector with little incentive to join the private sector or to improve productivity,” writes HSBC’s Razan Nasser.

Saudi Arabia military strength & Power

Saudi Arabia’s annual military expenditure is 10.4% of its GDP, or $80 billion comparing to the United States which spend around 3.5%. With no shortage of money, the facts is no doubt Saudi Arabia military is one of the best-fundedSaudi Arabia military strength & Power 2017 militaries in the Middle East. The Saudi Armed.Forces strength consists about 440,000 active personnel, with strength figure of 225,000 army troops. The Saudi Arabia has more than 100,000 people in the national guard. The Saudi Armed Forces are headed by the king and with the title of Commander in-Chief. Currently, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is heading the institution.

Service branchesFlag of the Royal Saudi Land Forces.png Arabian Army
Naval Jack of Saudi Arabia.svg Royal Navy
Flag of the Royal Saudi Air Force.png Royal Air Forces
Flag of the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces.svg Royal Air Defense
Flag of the Royal Saudi Strategic Missile Force.png Royal Strategic Forces
Chief of Joint Staff
Gen. Abdul Rahman Al Banyan
Supreme Commander
King Salman
Minister of Defense
Crown Prince Mohammad Al Saud
Minister of Guard
Gen. Prince Mutaib Al Saud
Reserve personnel325,000 incl: SANG
Deployed personnel
Active personnel478,000 incl: MODA
Fariq Awwal
(فريق أول‎‎)
Mulazim Awwal
(ملازم أول)

Military budget:63,7 billion $
Percent of GDP:10%
Population:30 770 375
Area:2 149 690 km2
Nuclear weapons:0 warheads
Active personnel:230 000
Reserve personnel:0
Available for military:8 240 714
Total artillery:757
Self-propelled artillery:363
Rocket artillery:122
Tanks:×See current equipment
Armoured fighting vehicles:
Multirole aircraf:72
Attack aircraft:150
Total aircraft:862
Fighter aircraft:86
Total naval:27

Alwaleed Bin Talal: The Richest Man in Saudi Arabia

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal also know as Middle East Warren Buffet is a Saudi investor, business magnate and richest man in Saudi Arabia with the estimated wealth of $26.1 billion.

He is the member of the Saudi royal family. Richest Man in Saudi Arabia 2017Alwaleed is a 95-percent owner of Kingdom holding company and he is also the founder and chief executive officer. In 2008, Time magazine listed Alwaleed as top 100 influential person in the world. In 2015, he announced that to give all his wealth to unknown charity.


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