Samsung Galaxy S6 Quick Settings Including Customization & Doing Setting With Quick Toggles

Samsung Galaxy S6 Performing Quick Settings Including Doing Setting With Quick Toggles 7 Performing Customization

samsung galaxy s6 quick setting buttons

A Phone with s6 Advanced Customization

In the hope that it will succeed in attracting a wide audience, and it does the ones from Samsung seems had integrated all kinds of customization options in the  Galaxy S6.

Many of those who focus on the purchase of an Android smartphone, have a fascination for virtually unlimited customization possibilities. Virtually every interface or menu launcher can be adjusted according to personal preferences, in contrast with an iPhone except the background image will be the same for all users even one year after a purchase.

The ones from Samsung will lead to a new level of customization experience for the forthcoming Galaxy S6 and the home looks perfect. Similar to what are those from Sony do with their Android devices, the South Koreans will introduce very well done support for themes and a system that users should be able to define in detail for the appearance of several elements interface.

A Similarity with Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5

This initiative is not completely new ones from Samsung. Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5, two very attractive handsets launched in the fall of 2014 by the same company, already had experience with support for customising themes.Regarding the future S6, those from Sammobile have information like they will further enhance the power of ordinary users to modify their preferences after the appearance of such a device interface.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Quick Settings

Regarding the future S6, those from Samsung mobile have information like they will further enhance the power of ordinary users to modify their preferences after the appearance of such a device interface.

To facilitate the customization will be released a shop with free and paid theme content, which interested persons may opt for various interface options. Apparently, a theme includes a wallpaper and new fonts, different sounds for notifications and many other features. Thus, a Galaxy S6 on vibration may look completely different compared to the same phone normally operating.

Currently, we do not know if that Theme Store will include only those creations made by Samsung or also by third parties.

Samsung Galaxy s6 Touchwiz Review

The best thing about Samsung new phone is that they reduced the TouchWiz features of Samsung galaxy along with bloat time and TouchWiz launcher is very unique and easy, though the TouchWiz is not anywhere from being perfect, so don’t bet on on it.

They had completely removed the Quick setting and added few enhancements of few features of Android. Google Android Lollipop 5.0 had tweaked Quick setting along with Android 4.2.

On the majority of latest Android devices, the setting can be accessed via two-finger swipe.But, it must be noted that the two-finger swipe gesture on Galaxy S6 phones, since Korean company, Samsung has completely removed the Quick settings but commonly used toggle via scrobble in the notification bar.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Quick Buttons Settings

The benefit comes here in a sense that toggles are customizable in Samsung Quick setting of your phone. To add toggles, simply:

Step 1: You can check and customize through steps below.
Go to the top right corner and tap “Edit” via notification drawer on Galaxy S6.
Step 2: The top, highlighted shade of blue, are displayed in scrobble list, you would able to see two different sections and the list of toggles on screen.
Step 3: To display in the Quick setting hold and drag toggles to the top screen. Go to the bottom of the screen, drag and hold toggled that you don’t want to display.

Also, If you want to rearrange toggles simply drag and drop to your desired position in a Quick setting. After customizing the toggles to your desired position. Simply click on “Done” at the top right corner.
Tell us would you able to customize and if needed any help, just drop the comment below.

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