How Technology Has changed & Changed The Human lives in a Bad Way & Effect On Our Everyday Lives

The Arise of Social Issues Impact of Information Technology Era On Human Life.

Those of us born in the 80’s or before that are all very much familiar with writing a letter on a piece of paper and having to call our friends and family for their birthdays or the birth of their new children. To make things even more difficult it usually took a week for letters to be delivered offshore.

All of those things have now become the distant past because of thanks to the internet and the revolution of the web 2.0, we are all able to do the same things by using a keyboard and with the click of a button you will send the information instantly to anyone regardless of how far away they are.

Social Issues Arises Information Technology  Era

Now that social media pages are so popular, they are allowing all of us to catch up with many things without having to do anything but log into our computers. This is something that has really changed the way in which we interact but it also has a dark side and that is the loss of privacy that we are now experiencing.

Information Technology is a blessing but there are some negative impacts on it and the worst one is definitely that everything you publish is the property of the websites you are using.

Impact of Information Technology On Human Life

 Impact Of Technology On Human Life

Everything you ever post on websites such as Facebook of smartphone apps like WhatsApp is going to remain in their databases even if you delete it from your account.

These company claim full rights to ownership of everything that you post and his is why you have careful with what you say and what kind of information you post. Another privacy social issue is that many people get access to everything you do in your life.

This is why you need to keep your contacts on social media as low as possible and only accept friend requests from people you know very well.


This post was written by Costica Aloman. A part-time technology blogger. No modification have been made to this article

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